Spend Christmas in Paradise with Xbox One!

By November 23, 2016Blog, Front Page

In 2015, Microsoft announced the Xbox One backwards-compatibility programme, allowing Xbox One owners to play some classic Xbox 360 games on their current-gen console. It wasn’t long before Criterion fans were demanding we pull together an Xbox One release for the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Paradise.

Every week – every DAY! – we’ve had questions through our mailbag, Twitter feed and Facebook pages wondering when it would arrive, and we’re overjoyed that, thanks to our boys at Microsoft who did all the heavy lifting, we can finally announce that Burnout Paradise 360 is available to play on Xbox One as of November 22nd 2016!

Anyone who already owns a physical copy of the game just has to insert the disc into their Xbox One and, as long as you’re connected to Xbox Live, it will download what’s required to make the game play. If you own a digital copy the game should appear in your READY TO INSTALL list. This is version 1.9 of Burnout Paradise, equivalent to the Ultimate Box, which includes all free updates. If you purchased a standard edition, the game should update itself. If you purchased any additional content this should carry over – check your READY TO INSTALL list.

If you don’t already own the game, we’re also super-pleased to announce, that, from December 16th to December 30th 2016, Burnout Paradise 360 is FREE for Xbox Live Gold subscribers through the Games With Gold programme.

To celebrate, some of the original Paradise team will be joining the community with some online play-sessions during November and December. We’re also going to be broadcasting our games through Twitch. Watch our Twitter feed for times and dates and be sure to join CriterionAlpha and CriterionBeta for some flat spins in the abandoned airfield and takedowns on the streets of Paradise City.

Come with us and spend your Christmas in Paradise!


If DLC that you’ve previously bought (eg. Big Surf Island) doesn’t show up as available in the game, try this solution:

  1. Turn your console off, then turn it back on, or make sure that the game isn’t running.
  2. With Burnout Paradise highlighted on the home screen or in your games library, press the MENU button (with the three lines on it) and select MANAGE GAME.
  3. Uninstall the game, then select READY TO INSTALL in the menu on the left of the screen. Burnout Paradise should appear with the game content you’ve already bought listed below it.
  4. Set it downloading and the extra content should install as well.

Sorry for the problem!