Paradise Rockers Tour ’07

By June 18, 2015Blog

From L to R: Lyndon Munt, Iain Angus, Kasim Niazi, Garry Casey, Matthew Jones, James ‘Jimi’ Warren

Bizarre Burnout Memories from the 2007 Criterion Family Album: We can’t remember why, but at the end of production on Burnout Paradise, some of the team set up in the middle of the studio and treated the team to an impromptu concert of Burnout Original Soundtrack music.

Many a tuneful axe in evidence but gameplay super-engineer, Iain Angus, surprised us all, rocking it with electric violin and sandals. Young-blood-now-old-timer, Gary Casey (third from right) wins the competition for “Best Attempt At A Rock ‘n’ Roll Grimace”. He can do much better now though.