By May 26, 2015Blog

MolenMattWebWhere were you ten years ago? We know where Criterion’s ever-chipper Tech Director, Alex Mole, was. He was shining his shoes and combing his hair, getting ready for his very first day at Criterion Games!

From humble beginnings programming the menu screens on PS2 Burnout Revenge, Mr Molen has brought his magic to Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed: Most Wanted, before becoming Criterion’s Captain Code Boss Supremo.

The highlight of his career? “Working with the online team to deliver the BAFTA Award-winning Autolog feature in Hot Pursuit,” says the man Molen.

That was until today, when his ten years at Criterion were celebrated by the team, and Master Webster presented Alex with a brand new GoPro Hero to record his outrageous Cornish surfing adventures for all time.

Congratulations Molen and thank you for all the hairy binary voodoo that you do so well.