Local Boy Does Good! – 25 Webster Years

By September 9, 2015Blog

In a startling example of what “following your dreams” can ultimately lead to, September 3rd was celebrated as Matt Webster’s 25th anniversary at Electronic Arts. That’s right. Twenty-five freaky years of game-making!

Matt joined the company as a slip of a boy in 1990 working with the Quality Assurance and Customer Services team, finding bugs on Magic Fly on the Atari ST and talking users through their quandaries with Amiga Deluxe Paint. All of this was but a warm-up for stardom, though. In between production duties on the early FIFA titles, he came off the bench to play up front for the England team, and he was also cast as selectable winchman, Mamba, in Desert Strike.


His star continued to rise until it collided with Criterion’s in 2003, when he came to work with us during Burnout 3: Takedown. Since then he has been a permanent and highly-placed fixture on all of our racing titles, masterminding features such as Burnout Paradise’s online challenge gameplay.

In 2013 Matt took the reins of Criterion and now rides it, like a thoroughbred Arab stallion in the Kentucky Derby, to further glories. Next on his list is Criterion’s #Beyondcars project. You can see what he has to say about that here.

Congratulations Matt! We salute you, boss!