Inside Criterion Games

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We’re Criterion and we make games. Our story began some years ago as a small studio of talented people who craft games with joy, passion, and commitment to quality. Growing over the years, we’ve nurtured our values in creative collaboration, diversity, honesty and unique perspectives. Our studio is a healthy mix of industry veterans and newcomers working together to inspire, support, and educate one another.


You might know us from Star Wars: Battlefront – Rogue One: X-Wing VR, the Burnout series, Black, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed: Most Wanted.  Most recently we’ve been working with our friends at DICE to bring Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II to the world.


If you’d like to stay up to date about what Criterion Games does next, find us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube or check back here to make sure you don’t miss the action. And you can always send us an email at Share something with us!

“Star Wars: Battlefront – Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission is the best thing ever made by a human.”

PSVR NewsStar Wars Battlefront VR

“Battlefront VR is a great showcase not just for the PlayStation VR headset it's currently exclusive to, but also for the talents of this celebrated developer.”

EurogamerStar Wars Battlefront VR

“Star Wars Battlefront’s VR mission might be my favorite PSVR experience.”

IGNStar Wars Battlefront VR

“Star Wars PlayStation VR X-Wing Mission is proof we need a virtual reality Rogue Squadron game immediately”.

TechradarStar Wars Battlefront VR