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Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit

We were massive fans of 1994′s original Need for Speed for 3DO and Black Box’s classic Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. We always wanted to make a Need for Speed game, and after Pro Street, Undercover and Shift, we felt like the series had lost some of its magic.

We wanted to create a fresh spin on Hot Pursuit for a connected generation of gamer. It was a Criterion Game, so it was always going to be about intense speed, lithe handling, epic drift and driving like a nutcase.

We served up the world’s hottest, fastest and rarest cars and asked you to drive ‘em like you stole ‘em. Or play as the cops and chase down criminals, shut down races and bust the crap out of them.

And we wanted to make so your friends were at the heart of the game, so we came up with a feature called Autolog. It was a bit like Facebook for a console game. We grafted online leaderboards onto every event in the game and created a feed calling it out when your friends beat you and phone and web versions that let you track the action wherever you went.


10/10 “No better racing game out there.” - on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

“Gamings greatest car chase”

Gamesmaser - on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

9/10 “Changes how you compete with friends" - on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit