Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge took everything that was amazing about Takedown, and turned it up to 11.

Ripping through rush hour traffic never felt like so much fun. In addition to new race, crash and road rage modes, Burnout Revenge took our legendary sense of blistering speed and spectacular destruction to new heights. We introduced players to Traffic Attack, a mode focused on whacking traffic cars off the road to earn time and cash.

On 360, you could share 30 seconds of amazing gameplay with your friends online, a feature way of ahead of it’s time. We also tracked your takedown rivals when you played online, our precursor to what would become Autolog in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.


"Visually stunning while maintaining a blazing speed and 60fps"

Kombo - on Burnout Revenge

"Every wreck is a visual affair to be savored and a delightful treat for a job nastily done. "

Play Magazine - on Burnout Revenge