Unload in one of the most destructive shooters ever created





With BLACK, we wanted to do for the world of shooters what Burnout 3: Takedown did for driving games. At a time when shooters were preoccupied with stealth, story and World War Two or sci-fi, we were into intense action, CIA black ops and explosive modern weaponry.

After a trip to The Gun Store in Vegas, we were overwhelmed by the fierce, visceral experience of unloading a full clip on a high powered machine gun. We knew we could capture a bit of that, throw in Hollywood stunt-man enemies, explosive and destructive environments and a face-full of dust and debris to give video game shooting a kick up the ass.

The result was BLACK, a hard-as-nails, audio-visual assault set in a world of terrorist cells, CIA rendition, interrogation and illegal covert ops.



"BLACK is everything you'd ever want in a shooter if all you ever wanted to do was shoot stuff."

IGN - on Black

"For a first-time entry into the firts-person market, Black is impressive."

Game Informer - on Black