Burnout Paradise PC Bonus Car Pack Is Back!

By October 16, 2015Blog

PC Paradise fans can finally get hold of all the PC downloadable content we created, now that the Burnout Paradise 4-in-1 Bonus Vehicles Pack is back on sale through Origin.

The pack lets you drive a slew of new vehicles, including the Boost Special cars, the toy cars and the awesome Legendary vehicles. Also included is the Time Saver Pack, which unlocks all of 75 cars and four bikes that were included in the Ultimate Box Set, for immediate play.

The pack has been off the shelves for most players for too long, but we’ve got our Origin chums to make it available to owners of the PC Ultimate Box Set, exclusively through the Origin Store. Just click the pic  below to be taken there.


Check the Origin page for local pricing but what we can tell you is the pack sells for just $1.59 in the USA, €1.59 in the EU and £1.29 in the UK.