Birth of a Takedown

By June 5, 2015Blog

When you’re making a game, the best features aren’t things you design into it. It’s what the players get out of it. Burnout 2: Point of Impact was designed to be all about speed, crashing and traffic, but when players got their hands on it the thing they liked to add in, especially in split-screen multiplayer was smashing into their opponents. Sure, there was Pursuit mode, but what if it was possible to win a race by whacking your opponent into a wall just before the finish line?

That was the thought behind Burnout 3’s aggressive driving and Takedowns, although checking back through the first design documents, Takedowns were originally going to be called “Knockouts”.


Initially there were doubts. Would aggressive driving change the Burnout racing experience? Would it mean we’d have to change the way we built the tracks to put obstacles on the track? Would it mean a lot of extra AI work to get battling to work?

The answer to all of those questions turned out to be yes, but when Burnout 3: Takedown was finished in September of 2004, the results were worth the effort; a more exciting game that came to define the Criterion racing experience, as well as redefining the arcade-style race game experience for all time.

Do you have a favourite Burnout 3 memory or were you more of a Burnout 2 person? Or perhaps even a hardcore fan of the original? Or maybe it’s got to be open-world like Burnout Paradise? Let us know!