Software Engineer Intern

Who the devil are you?

I’m Adam Pearce and I came to Criterion for a year as a Software Engineer intern.

How did you get to be here?

I was in the middle of doing a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Sussex in the UK. I contacted Criterion to ask about an internship that could form part of my course and I came in for a rigorous two-day interview. I guess you guys liked me because I was invited on board.

Without giving away too many secrets, what have you been working on?

I’ve done a lot of different things, mostly helping with the prototyping team on Criterion’s next game. We’ve been creating new features so I’ve delved into a lot of different areas – helping design game features from scratch, doing 3D animation which was a lot of fun, helping out the audio team and coding core features of course.

How much of that can you take back to your course?

It’s all valuable stuff. Probably the processes are the most interesting. Working with a small team, morning meetings where everyone gives an update, afternoon reviews where we all gather around the software, all working towards making the software better, one day at a time.

Did anything take you by surprise?

People told me that being in development wasn’t going to be all fun and games, but Criterion has a good balance. I’ve found it great fun to work here! I know with some studios it’s all about telling people what they’re going to do over the next week and they have no choices. At Criterion I have had a say in what I do and so I could focus on my strengths, but sometimes branch out into other things that my leads thought suited my skills or interests.

What will you be doing when your year at Criterion is up?

Well, when I leave here I have another year of university, but what happens after that might be up to you guys!

Fun Facts

My specialist subjects:

Coding and comics

Prize of comic collection:

Amazing Spiderman #35

If I was at Comicon I would dress as:

It’s always going to be Spidey

Favorite Clothing:

My grey wool hat hides my hair during awkward ‘in-between-lengths’ times