Gameplay Animator

By June 8, 2018Jobs

We’re Criterion, and we love making games!
Over the last fifteen years we’ve entertained millions of players around the world with our award-winning games. From Burnout & Need for Speed to the critically acclaimed VR mission for Star Wars Battlefront and reinventing Starfighter Assault for Battlefront II. Criterion have always pushed the boundaries, delivering through technical excellence, world-class game feel and AAA audiovisual quality.

We place enormous value on creative collaboration, fresh ideas, and unique perspectives. Our studio is a healthy mix of industry veterans and newcomers working together to inspire, support, and educate one another. We encourage free experimentation, innovation and exploration very explicitly with regular “off-the-grid” time.

The working day has space carved out for everyone to play games – by themselves or together, be they tabletop or videogames, we love them all. Learning from the widest range of experiences makes our own games better.

Over the years, we’ve learned that crunching is flat-out stupid, so we don’t do it.


The Challenge Ahead:
Criterion are embarking on our most ambitious projects to date, including our own brand new IP.
We are growing our team with fresh, talented people who can help us take a huge leap forwards.

We are looking for a creative and passionate person to take the role of Gameplay Animator at Criterion. Working collaboratively with other animators, designers and almost all other disciplines you will realise the look and feel of Character Animation within a AAA title.

You are passionate about:

  • Game Feel
  • FPS and Action Adventure games
  • Physics and physicality in games
  • Working with teams across disciplines and crafts: design, engineering, art, audio, QA to name a few
  • The way we create: not doing things just because that’s the way we’ve done them before, understanding change is a necessary part of success
  • The people you work with: asking appropriate questions and being open to new solutions is key to you and the team’s development
  • Generous collaboration: a desire and inherent need to work with others to achieve great things, develop new ideas and truly innovate


What a Gameplay Animator does at Criterion:
Gameplay Animators are responsible for giving life and personality to AI and Player Characters. Animators must be able to create emotionally believable characters that allow players to interact with the game in a fun, dynamic and believable fashion.

You will be trained to use our proprietary Animation Software to bring our game mechanics to life, as well as work closely with Design and Engineers to develop Game Feel. Animators need a strong understanding of classic animation principles as well as an intrinsic ability for storytelling.

Experience and knowledge we are looking for
We are looking for someone who is passionate about animation and understands it contribution to game feel. Experience in both the creative and technical design of animation based systems is beneficial, but training is available for talented candidates that are either more junior, or looking to broaden their skill base.

Preparedness for this role is rooted in:

  • Deep knowledge of creating compelling gameplay through animation
  • Skilled in both Hand Keyed and Motion Capture workflows
  • The ability to thrive in cross discipline teams delivering world-class quality
  • Enthusiasm for working in our highly collaborative and friendly environment
  • Experience of working on AAA console or PC titles is beneficial
  • Proficiency in animation software such as Maya or Motionbuilder


Not essential requirements but certainly helpful qualities and skills

  • Experience of creating animation State Machines
  • Technical knowledge of physics or biomechanics
  • Experience motion editing mocap data


What’s in it for you? Glad you asked!
Naturally, we offer competitive rates.
More importantly, because we love working with world-class creators, we maintain a culture that thrives on creative freedom and autonomy.


We thought you might also want to know:
We’re based in the lovely town of Guildford – 35 minutes from central London.