Criterion is a talented team of people who live and breathe games; from table top to video games. You’ll find us playing, creating, breathing and talking games. In fact, gaming is so important to us that we purposefully have a chunk of time set aside to play games every day! Learning from the widest range of experiences makes our own games better.


“It’s Criterion Games, is what it is.
It’s near-sensory perfection, or as perfect as flying an imaginary spaceship can get. Combined with outstanding maps that have players flying through massive Star Destroyers rather than just near them, dodging the scenery instead of admiring it, Starfighter Assault is one of the best arcade-style spaceship dogfighting games ever made.”


“Star Wars: Battlefront – Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission is the best thing ever made by a human.”

PSVR NewsStar Wars Battlefront VR

“Battlefront VR is a great showcase not just for the PlayStation VR headset it's currently exclusive to, but also for the talents of this celebrated developer.”

EurogamerStar Wars Battlefront VR

“Star Wars Battlefront’s VR mission might be my favorite PSVR experience.”

IGNStar Wars Battlefront VR

“Star Wars PlayStation VR X-Wing Mission is proof we need a virtual reality Rogue Squadron game immediately”.

TechradarStar Wars Battlefront VR